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$10 worth of Bitcoin in 2009 is worth
over $250,000 today


$3.5 billion worth of Bitcoin was given for free
to techies who got in early!


Bitcoin has not been popular with consumers
because it is hard to get and use.


Consumers didn't get any for free!

Introducing NeuCoin

Giving coins not just to techies,
but to early adopters like you!

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Level #1
What is NeuCoin?

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Like Bitcoin, NeuCoin is a “cryptocurrency”
- a decentralized peer-to-peer network
that is run by its users and not controlled
by any company or government.

The network makes it possible to
send and receive online tokens
as fast as sending an email.

Since there are no middlemen,
tokens can be transferred with zero
(or near zero) transaction fees.

While Bitcoin is technical and
difficult for non-tech savvy people,
NeuCoin is designed to be EASY
for regular consumers to get and use.

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What is NeuCoin?

NeuCoin is a "cryptocurrency" like Bitcoin
- but EASY to get and use.

Level #2
What can you do with NeuCoin?

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NeuCoin is designed for ”microtransactions”
– small online transfers of 1 cent to 1 dollar.

This enables new digital behaviors
that have not been possible with
traditional payment methods,
since they typically charge 30 cents
per transaction plus percentage.

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Level #3
How is NeuCoin different from Bitcoin?

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How is NeuCoin different
from Bitcoin?




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